Life is a gift. For yourself and others: your family and friends. We all deserve a better life. We tend to make it easy for you with our products. By working directly with the growers, the transportation time is shorter, with fewer steps. Therefore, our products are fresher. And fewer steps also mean that it gives us the opportunity to pay the grower the price the products deserve. At the same time, we offer our products at competitive prices on the shelves.

more value

We offer more for the same price:

  • More taste
  • More quality
  • More freshness

sustainable: more sustainability, less waste

Our present clients but also our future clients are very important to us. That is why we, in particular, choose sustainable solutions and where possible we take our responsibility. Through our direct and open cooperation with the growers and logistic parties our products arrive in the shops in the quickest and best possible way. Our products are packed at the growers. Therefore packing (or repacking) in the country of sale is not required, most More products have special innovative packing that guarantees freshness and extends the expiration date. And moreover, we try to avoid as much as possible the transport via airfreight. Just some examples that show that we are treating food in a sustainable way, insuring less product loss and guaranteed freshness and taste. In this way we continue taking the next steps towards sustainability.