More offers more than other suppliers. More tasty products, more attention in the production, and more consumer value. In short: more quality.

for food professionals

More is an Xfresh brand and founded for the product groups fresh herbs and vegetables. We are a partner for professionals in vegetable stores, supermarket chains, and food service. We provide an optimal connection between our clients and the source (and the other way around). In addition, we engage with our clients in the development of products and packaging concepts. Our organisation and systems are fully equipped in order to manage the complete supply chain from the producer to the final customer.

  • More provides the synchronisation of the complete chain from buyers and growers.
  • Our products are ‘Packed at Source’ based on customer specification, and delivered from the farm direct to our customers. This provides an optimal, efficient, and sustainable chain in both quality, taste, and experience of the products. On top of that, it also serves the local employment level.
  • We supply both our brand More, as well as packaging under a private label if desired.
  • More manages the entire chain using fully integrated Supply Chain Systems, from the grower to the final customer.
  • We closely monitor the quality of the products and chain, in which we work according to the standards and certifications required.
  • We continuously work with both growers and clients on product development in the area of convenience, consumer and food service packaging, as well as specific product combinations.
More Supply Chain

more attention, more business, more turnover!

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